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Item No.   Item Name/Description
pn-32089Turquoise polo and sweatshirt
Available in Sizes 24-32inches
pn-32058Twin pack Blouses
Long sleeves and Short sleeves **** 30" chest to 44" chest
pn-32057Twin pack Shirts
Long sleeves or short sleeves (12.5" collar - 17" collar)
pn-320105Twin pack White Shirts/Blouses
Available in Long or Short Sleeves. Sizes BOYS (13inch to 17inch collar), GIRLS (30 to 44 inch).
pn-32050V neck Pullover
Black V neck Pullover (Boys Only) Red V neck Pullover (Girls Only)
pn-32051Welling school Clip on Tie (colours)
Red/Gold Year 7(2015) Red/Grey Year 8 Red/Emerald Year 9 Red/Sapphire Year 10 Black Plain tie (year 11)Loose tie
pn-320149White Closed neck blouse
Twin packs: Available in chest sizes 32 to 44 inches
pn-320128White Closed neck shirt (Boys) and Blouse (Girls)
Boys shirts available in Collar sizes 12inch -17inch. Girls Blouses available in Chest sizes 30inch-44inch.
pn-320137White Polo shirt with logo
Available in sizes 5/6yrs, 7/8yrs, 9/10yrs, 11/12yrs and 13yrs.
pn-32071White Polo with logo
Available in ages 3-4yrs to 13yrs
pn-320150White Shirts
Available in collar sizes 12 to 17 inches
pn-32030WHITE Shirts - Long and Short Sleeve Twin Pack
School - Non-Iron Twin shirt pack. Standard two piece collar shirts with breast pocket and rounded button fastening cuffs. Fabric composition: * 65% Polyester 35% Cotton White

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